What is IPS Glow & How Can I Reduce It?

What is IPS Glow & How Can I Reduce It

Monitors with IPS panels are typically affected by IPS glow. Here we examine what IPS glow is and how you can fix it.

You may be wondering why you’ve noticed a faint glow around the corners of your IPS-display monitor after recently purchasing it. Something called IPS glow occurs on displays that use IPS technology.

Don’t return your monitor just yet. 

Many people experience IPS glow, and there are many things you can do to reduce it. The following article will cover all those topics, so keep reading to learn more.

What is IPS Glow & How Can I Reduce It
What is IPS Glow & How Can I Reduce It

Why does IPS glow occur?

Let’s talk about why IPS glow happens first.

As a result of too much light passing through the corners of the monitor panel, this is a drawback of IPS technology.

Many other factors influence its severity, many of which are within your control. Different monitor models have different levels of sensitivity. You should not be too worried if it happens for the first time. You can reduce the glow by trying some of the methods outlined below.

Method 1: Increase ambient lighting

A simple way to reduce IPS glow is to increase ambient lighting in a room that only has your monitor as the source of light.

Light your room up, or place a lamp nearby, and you will notice a significant improvement in the number of IPS glow you see. A monitor’s lighting contrast with the surrounding area should be as low as possible.

Method 2: Adjust screen brightness

Reducing your screen’s brightness is another simple way to reduce IPS glow.

If you’re in a dark room, your IPS glow will appear worse since your monitor produces more light. When you adjust the brightness for the first time, it can be a significant adjustment for your eyes, but trust me when I say that they will adjust quickly.

Method 3: Change the angle your monitor is sitting at

If your IPS glow looks bad from certain angles, you might try adjusting the height and tilt of your monitor. Changing the angle of your monitor may make a world of difference, so it’s worth experimenting until you find an angle you like.

Method 4: Increase the distance from your monitor

As your monitor gets closer to your face, the more noticeable the IPS glow will be, so move it back a little or sit further away from it. You may see a smaller screen, but you should see an improvement, so give it a shot if you still have problems after trying the other methods.

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Monitors with IPS displays are prone to IPS glow, but that doesn’t mean you should stay away from them altogether. It is often not noticeable and can be easily corrected with the methods discussed above, so as long as you don’t mind it, you should be fine.

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