What are the Hardware Requirements for Windows 11?

What are the Hardware Requirements for Windows 11?

The next generation of Windows is the successor to the now common operating system, Windows 10. Microsoft had previously planned on keeping ’10’ on Windows 10 by updating it twice a year. Microsoft could have updated Windows 11 without changing its name, but it chose to do so.

Despite the small number of changes, it is worthwhile to purchase the new release. There is transparency to the look that feels smooth. With its centred Start menu, a tad bit of a circle around the corners, and the Snap feature for multitasking, the Start menu is certainly a natural choice. Microsoft Team is now integrated into Windows 11, and Android apps can be used on a Windows 11 PC.

Windows 11 can be installed on Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 computers, but some users wonder if their personal computer meets the requirements. Below you will find the new operating system’s hardware specifications.

What are the Hardware Requirements for Windows 11?
What are the Hardware Requirements for Windows 11?

What are the hardware requirements for Windows 11?

Windows 10 represents the next generation of Windows, the successor to the operating system now prevalent on most computers. Microsoft had previously planned to update Windows 10 twice a year so users could keep the ’10’ feature. Microsoft can have updated it’s Windows 11 without changing its name, but it has decided not to do so.

The new release is worth purchasing despite the small number of changes. The look is transparent and feels smooth. As it is centred, has a touch of a ring around the edges, and supports multitasking via Snap, the Start menu has a lot going for it. A Windows 11 PC can now run Android apps, and Microsoft Team is integrated with the operating system.

Some users wonder whether their personal computers will meet Windows 11. Windows 11 can be installed on Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 computers. Below are the system requirements for the new operating system.

What are the hardware requirements for Windows 11?

Windows 10 requires comparatively new hardware, so it will not install on older PCs, unlike Windows 10, which runs on older hardware. Microsoft Windows 11 will work on computers purchased in 2019 or later, with some exceptions.

PCs equipped with Intel 7th Gen Core processors and AMD Zen 1 processors do not work with Windows 11. Windows 11 won’t be available for computers purchased before 2016.

As part of Windows 11, TPM, Secure Boot, and UEFI (no legacy BIOS) are required (the Trusted Platform Module, or TPM). TPM 2.0 support is built into personal computers made since 2015, so you don’t have to worry. Depending on your firmware, you may have to enable it.

Following are the hardware requirements for Windows 11:

Processor: 1 GHz or faster with two or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or SoC.

Storage: at least 64 GB of available storage

RAM: at least 4 GB

Graphics card: Compatible with DirectX 12 or later, with a WDDM 2.0 driver

Display: High definition (720p) display, 9″ or greater monitor, 8 bits per colour channel

Security: TPM version 2.0, UEFI firmware, Secure Boot capable.

For Windows 11 updates, you need an internet connection. An active internet connection and a Microsoft Account are required to use Windows 11 (or any Windows for that matter).

PC Health Check App

Microsoft has a quick fix for people who don’t know their computers’ specifications. Windows 11’s PC Health Check application tells you whether your PC meets the requirements. 

First, you need to use PC Health Check app, which takes up around 13MB on your computer. Once the software is install, launch it and click on ‘Check Now.’ If your PC is eligible for Windows 11, you will see a pop-up stating that it can run the new version.

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When can I Update to Windows 11?

Microsoft anticipates that the official release of Windows 11 – called General Availability or GA – will be available on new hardware by the end of 2021, possibly by October 2021. Release date in 2022 is also possible. As a bonus, all PCs running Windows 10 can upgrade for free to Windows 11. Microsoft has not yet announced the price of Windows 11 retail editions. Preview Windows 11 are available through Microsoft’s Insider Program, which is what Microsoft refers to as beta mode.


Q. Is my laptop eligible for Windows 11 upgrade?

A. A licensed version of Windows 10 qualifies for the Windows 11 upgrade. Check whether your PC qualifies for PC Health Check by running the app.

Q. Which devices will get Windows 11?

A. Devices running Windows 10 should be running the 20H1 or later version. You will need to switch out of S mode before upgrading if running a different Windows edition in S mode.

Q. How can I get Windows 11 early?

A. Microsoft’s Insider Program gives you early access to Windows 11 – sign up today!

Use the PC Health Check to see if your computer can run Windows 11.

  • Sign up for Windows Insider.
  • Flight for Windows 11
  • Now, choose your channel within the Insider Program. I recommend Dev.
  • Restart your PC to upgrade to Windows 11.

Q. Is Windows 11 good for gaming?

A. Since Windows 10 is the preferred operating system for gamers, Microsoft will not work at all spare any effort to make Windows 11 a great gaming operating system. The company has even claimed that Windows 10 will be the best operating system for PC gamers.

Q. What does Windows 11 look like?

A. With Windows 11, the Start menu has been centred, snap for multitasking, and Android apps can be run on your PC.


Windows 11 can be installed on your personal computer for free and without hassle if it meets the requirements mentioned above. After installing Windows 11, I was very impressed. I only encountered a lag issue.

Will you be installing Windows 11? Are you willing to risk your main computer by installing a beta version of Windows 11? Let us know in the comments.

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