Tudor Dixon Running Mate – Who She Picks As Mate?

Tudor Dixon Running Mate - Who She Picks As Mate?

In this article, we are going to talk about Tudor Dixon Running mate Shane Hernandez. Why She Picks Shane as a running mate is covered in this article. Also, We closely look at Shane Hernandez’s Political and Personal Life. Let’s begin:

Who is Tudor Dixon Running Mate, Shane Hernandez?

Tudor Dixon Running Mate, Shane Hernandez
Tudor Dixon Running Mate, Shane Hernandez

Governing candidate Tudor Dixon of the Michigan Republican Party announced Friday that she is running with former Rep. Shane Hernandez of Port Huron

A press release announcing Dixon’s pick for lieutenant governor was released at around 4 p.m., roughly one hour before the deadline for the Michigan Republican Party to nominate a candidate before the convention on Aug. 27.

Hernandez expressed his honor at being selected to help fight Gretchen Whitmer and Garlin Gilchrist in the Democratic primary.

Dixon’s “vision is the right one for Michigan, and I believe we will be able to defeat Whitmer and begin to repair the damage she’s caused our families, students, and businesses.”

Who is Shane Hernandez?

Shane Hernandez
Shane Hernandez

A member of the tea party movement, Hernandez, 39, won election to the Michigan House in 2017. He served in the legislature for four years before running for the Senate in 2020, losing incumbent Rep. Lisa McClain in the GOP primary.

As a conservative Republican, Hernandez is committed to limited government, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberties from conception.

After growing up in Croswell, Hernandez currently lives in Port Huron with his wife, Renee Hernandez, and two children, Kelsey and Kara. His conservative principles are attributed to his family upbringing. His father, Salvador Hernandez Jr., worked from general laborer to boiler operator at the Croswell pickle factory. Hernandez witnessed firsthand how hard work can lead to success.

Tudor Dixon
Tudor Dixon

A small architectural firm in Port Huron hired Rep. Hernandez as Vice President of Design. In addition to working in the nursery, Renee Hernandez is secretary of the evangelism committee at Port Huron First United Methodist Church. In addition to chairing the church’s Digital Media Committee, Hernandez heads the Methodist Men’s Group.


His responsibilities include chairmanships of the House Appropriations Committee and House Fiscal Governing Committee, as well as membership on the House Legislative Council Committee and the Appropriations Subcommittee on Joint Capitol Outlays.

Originally from Croswell-Lexington, Congresswoman Hernandez attended Lawrence Technological University.

Why did Tudor Dixon pick, Shane Hernandez?

Why did Tudor Dixon pick, Shane Hernandez?

As part of its announcement of Hernandez’s selection, Dixon’s campaign called him a “conservative Republican who believes in limited government, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberties.”

Dixon has already called for Enbridge’s Line 5 oil pipeline closure, an issue Whitmer has proposed but failed to pass a gas tax on.

“We will improve our schools, create safer communities, and improve our economy with Shane Hernandez as lieutenant governor. Like me, Shane is concerned about rising prices’ impact on our families,” Dixon said.

How Hernandez Could help Dixon As Running Mate

Dixon lacks Hernandez’s experience in legislative and state budget making, but Hernandez brings something that Dixon lacks: Hands-on experience with legislative and state budget making. 

She has never held elected office. Her career started as a steel mill worker before she started a conservative news service and eventually co-hosted a conservative news show.

How Hernandez Could help Dixon As Running Mate
How Hernandez Could help Dixon As Running Mate

The experience Hernandez brings to Dixon’s political team is something she needs, said GOP strategist Dennis Lennox, who called it a “solid pick.”

Lennox believes Hernandez’s experience leading the Blue Water Tea Party, which he briefly chaired before coming to Lansing, could prove advantageous when he seeks GOP endorsement at the state convention on Aug. 27.

“Apart from his tea party credentials – Ultra-MAGA even before there was such a thing – Shane Hernandez is palatable to every element of the Republican Party,” said Lennox. 

As a result of former President Donald Trump’s false claim that voter fraud cost him the presidential election, Hernandez signed a letter calling for a “complete forensic examination” of the election.


Problems That May Arise

At the Michigan GOP convention later this month, grassroots activists may challenge Dixon’s pick and attempt to nominate a candidate of their own.

It has been reported that Garrett Soldano and Ralph Rebandt are both interested in running for governor. 

Tudor Dixon - Shane Hernandez
Tudor Dixon – Shane Hernandez

The fact that Hernandez does not appeal to independent voters may also limit Dixon’s ability to reach out to them. 

Following Roe v Wade’s demise, Hernandez opposes legal abortion, which will likely become a major issue this fall. An abortion procedure performed in the second trimester that he co-sponsored was banned, and he sponsored a bill that would have required doctors to check for a fetal heartbeat before performing an abortion.

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A Levering Republican under investigation amid allegations of campaign finance impropriety and sexual assault of a minor, Hernandez was appointed to his powerful position on the appropriations committee in 2018 by then-House Speaker Lee Chatfield.

It has been denied that Chatfield has done anything wrong, but his ties to Hernandez could prove problematic for the Michigan GOP. As part of a vote tabulator tampering case referred to a special prosecutor, Matt DePerno, the presumed attorney general nominee, may be charged with criminal activity.

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