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Democrat Susan Wild will face Scheller in November for Pennsylvania’s 7th congressional district, which leans Republican. Wild won that race by a narrow margin in 2020.

Lisa Scheller Biography & Career

Originally from Greenwich, Connecticut, Lisa Scheller moved to Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, when she was quite young due to her family’s decision to move there.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Colorado Boulder and a Master of Science in manufacturing systems engineering from Lehigh University.

Lisa Scheller Net Worth
Lisa Scheller

The company was founded by Lisa’s grandfather, Silberline Manufacturing Company, and she started there as a data process manager before becoming president and chairman in 1995.

As a Republican, Lisa was elected county commissioner for Lehigh county, Pennsylvania, in 2011. In the 2020 elections, Lisa Scheller ran against Democrat Susan Wild for the 7th congressional district in Pennsylvania. Wild won the election.

After winning the Republican nomination for Pennsylvania’s 7th district in the 2022 elections, Lisa Scheller will face Susan Wild in the general election on November 8.


Lisa Scheller Net Worth 2022

The detail of her net worth and yearly income are not public. Lisa Scheller net worth is estimated at approximately $5 million. She is a money manager. She could be worth very much cash.

Scheller has accumulated an immense fortune by spending $500 thousand to run for Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District.

She filed a report on August 14 that reveals the extent of her vast personal wealth after winning the Republican nomination to run against Wild again this November.

Silberline Manufacturing, an international pigment manufacturer, based in Schuylkill County, was founded in 1945 by her grandfather, Ernest Scheller. She is the CEO.

Following the report, her stake in the company is valued between $25 and $50 million (candidates only report value ranges, not exact amounts).

So far this year, Scheller has earned between $100,000 and $1,000,000 from Silberline’s operations in the Shandong Province of China.

In recent years, Silberline’s China operations have been under scrutiny. In a debate with Scheller, she stated that the business is 100% American-owned and that “no one will be tougher on China than I.” Her primary opponent, Kevin Dellicker, frequently criticized her business dealings in China.

According to Scheller’s campaign manager Pierce Fraunheim, if elected, Scheller will no longer be involved operationally with Silberline and will have no decision-making authority.

Lisa Scheller’s Age and Height

Lisa was born in May 1959, and as of now, she is 61 years old. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches approximately.

Lisa Scheller Political Party

Her name appears on the ballot on November 8, 2022, as a Republican candidate for the 7th Congressional District seat in the United States House.

Lisa Scheller Political Party
Susan Wild vs Lisa Scheller

Following her brother’s death, Lisa Scheller took over Silberline Manufacturing Company and was elected chairman and president of the company. She has been a trailblazer in the business world and a successful reformer in the public sector. This is the only certified woman-owned company in the country.

Around five hundred people are employed worldwide by the company, whose global headquarters is north of the Lehigh Valley. The company employs more than 160 people in manufacturing jobs in Pennsylvania.


Known as a fiscally conservative fighter, Lisa worked hard to end special interest giveaways, restrain spending, lower taxes, provide job opportunities, and increase the standard of living.

Lisa was passionate about ensuring government transparency. She also played a crucial role in bipartisan support for opening Board of Commissioners meetings to the public.

Lisa Scheller Hobbies and Fact

Lisa Scheller Hobbies
Lisa Scheller

Scheller is a resident of Allentown who enjoys exercising, hiking, and cycling. She also enjoys cooking and photography. There is hardly any mention in the media of Lisa Scheller’s assets. The number of children Republican Lisa has is not publicly known.


Lisa Scheller Social Media

With thousands of dedicated subscribers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, Lisa has recently garnered much attention.

You can follow Lisa Scheller on Social Media –

Lisa Scheller Husband

Lisa Scheller Husband, Wayne Woodman
Lisa Scheller Husband, Wayne Woodman

The name of Lisa Scheller husband is Wayne Woodman. There are no reliable sources of information about Lisa’s husband.

Currently, Lisa has divorced Wayne Woodman, and her marital status is single. And if We Found anything we will update this section.


Lisa Scheller FAQs

Most People Ask a different questions; we covered some frequently asked questions about Lisa:

How old is Lisa Scheller?

She was born on May 22, 1959, and is 63 years old.

What is Lisa Scheller’s Religion?

Lisa Scheller’s Religion is Jewish.

What is Lisa Scheller’s Ethnicity?

Lisa Scheller’s Ethnicity is White.

Where does Lisa Scheller Born?

She currently lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania. And Her Place of birth is Greenwich, Connecticut.

How much is Lisa Scheller Net Worth in 2022?

Lisa Scheller’s Net worth in 2022 is still unknown. As we mentioned above, her estimated net worth is nearly 5$ million.

Who is Lisa Scheller Dating?

After the divorce from Wayne Woodman, her relationship status is single.

Is Lisa Scheller Married?

Yes, she married Wayne Woodman, but now they are separated. We don’t know any reason they never disclosed anything publicly.

What is Lisa Scheller’s Education?

  • Lehigh University – M.S., manufacturing systems engineering (1995-1997)
  • The University of Colorado at Boulder – Bachelor’s, mathematics (1986-1988)
  • Blair Academy (Blairstown, N.J.) – High school diploma

What is Lisa Scheller’s Nationality?

Lisa Scheller’s Nationality is American.

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