Julianna Pena Husband – Who is Luis Alejandre?

Julianna Pena Husband - Who is Luis Alejandre?

In this article, We are going to talk about Julianna Pena Husband, Luis Alejandre. 

The “Venezuelan Vixen” is one of the biggest stars in the UFC roster at the moment. The ‘Venezuelan Vixen’ shocked the fight fans recently by giving them one of the biggest upsets in UFC history. The UFC’s women’s bantamweight champion, Pena, defeated Amanda Nunes by submission at UFC 269.

Julianna Pena
Julianna Pena

Pena has come a long way since her UFC debut back in 2013. During all these years, the fighter has only lost twice and consistently performed amazing. Pena is an extremely skilled fighter who is capable of outclassing her opponents. The fighter has defeated fighters such as Milana Dudieva, Nicco Montao and Sara McMann in numerous matches.

Who is Julianna Pena Husband Luis Alejandre?

Julianna Pena Husband Luis Alejandre
Julianna Pena Husband Luis Alejandre

Pena is married to Luis Alejandre, who is also a BJJ practitioner. They have one child together. She named her daughter Isabella and prefers to keep her away from the limelight associated with the UFC. In spite of this, Pena has shared numerous pictures of her lovely daughter on her official Instagram account.

In his 19th year, Julianna Pena Husband started training for BJJ and became a black belt. A number of young athletes have also received training and instruction in BJJ from him. Besides police agencies, he has also provided tactical training to the US military.

A recent Instagram post from Pena revealed Alejandre loves their daughter and has also founded a Brazilian jiu-jitsu academy where Isabella can learn BJJ. Stronghold Jiujitsu Academy, where Julianna Pena Husband teaches self-defense, judo, and other martial arts, is located on Nashville Avenue, Chicago.

About Julianna Pena and His Daughter

About Julianna Pena and His Daughter
About Julianna Pena and His Daughter

She is the only female fighter to have submitted Amanda Nunes inside the UFC Octagon, so Julianna Pena holds a special place in UFC history. We will take a glimpse into Pena’s life outside the UFC and the support she receives from her husband and family that have paved her way to becoming a star in women’s mixed martial arts.

Her childhood was spent in Spokane, Washington where she was born and raised. During the Jiu Jitsu Legends Podcast, Pena revealed she began in mixed martial arts in order to lose weight and fight off bullies. 

Her bullying wasn’t at school or outside. Pena had difficulty being the youngest of her siblings, and she was getting bullied. By bullied, I mean, I am the baby of four, and my brothers and sisters beat me to death. My life was a mess because I was getting beaten and I was always very aggressive as a child. I didn’t know what to do with that.” 

“When I was 19 years old, my sister encouraged me to join a women’s cardio kickboxing class. I needed to lose weight, so I did. 

Julianna Pena believes that her daughter “must learn how to defend herself, and this is not up for debate”. 

When Isabella Alejandre was two years old, Julianna Pena started learning jiu-jitsu. In an Instagram post, Pena disclosed that her husband Luis had started a Jiu-Jitsu academy as an inspiration, and it is quite evident from the official Jiu Jitsu website.


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