How to Send SMS Text Messages From an iPad

A friend has a cell phone, and you only have an iPad, so you need to send a text message. Will the iPad be able to send SMS text messages? There is a no and a yes to this question. You have two options.

How to Send SMS Text Messages From an iPad

First, What Is an SMS Text Message?

Defining an SMS text message is the first step towards understanding the iPad’s limitations in sending SMS text messages. Text messages are sent using SMS, an industry-standard protocol. It is used by most cell phones to communicate. Cell phones can send photos and videos to each other through MMS (multimedia message service).

How Are Apple Messages Different Than SMS Text Messaging?

Apple’s Messages app users communicate with each other via Apple’s Internet-based iMessage protocol through their iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, and Macs. Windows and Android customers cannot use Messages currently since it is only available for Apple platforms.

The SMS feature in Messages is also available on an iPhone. Apple’s Messages app can’t send SMS text messages to iPads by default. It is still impossible to send SMS text messages unless you use one of the workarounds below if you have an iPad with a cellular data plan.

Option 1: Link an iPhone to Your iPad via Continuity(isko saare ko H3 kar dena)

If you have a working iPhone connected to your iPad through Continuity, Apple’s way of sharing connections among its devices, then you can send and receive SMS texts.

Apple offers a feature called Text Message Forwarding that lets you do this. Messages > Text Message Forwarding can be found in Settings on your iPhone. With that option, you can choose an iPad to share text messages.

You might not need to use your iPad to send text messages if you already have an iPhone that can send SMS text messages. However, if an iPad is your only option, continue reading.

Option 2: Use an Email-to-SMS Gateway(H3)

A gateway that converts emails into SMS can also send SMS text messages to your iPad. These gateways can be found at almost all cell service providers, and they allow you to send an email message from an email client (such as Apple Mail) that will appear as a text message on the recipient’s phone.

You can, for example, send a text message to an AT&T customer by sending an email to, where you replace “mobile-number” with the cell phone number of the recipient, such as

Option 3: Use a Third-Party SMS Messaging App(H3)

If your iPad isn’t linked to an iPhone, you can’t send SMS messages through Apple’s free Messages app. However, you can send SMS directly through a third-party app.

Microsoft’s Skype app, for instance, can send and receive SMS. SMS text messages are free between Skype users, but Skype Credit or a subscription must send SMS. Microsoft, however, offers a free month-long trial.

Google Voice is also available. It is free of charge, unlike Skype. However, it is only available in the United States. You will receive a Google phone number you can use for texts, voicemails, and phone calls.

The iPad’s App Store offers many other SMS applications. Some of these apps are subscription-based, and some may display intrusive advertising or not respect your privacy, so be wary. The SMS network interfaces with the internet relay operated by the company.

You may want to consider a third-party texting app if you need SMS messaging on your iPad (and can’t connect to an iPhone).

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Option 4: Use an Alternative Messaging App(H3)

You could also use a non-SMS messaging tool if you send short messages regularly to friends who don’t have Apple Messages (like those who have Android phones).

There are many third-party messaging apps: WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal are the most popular ones at the moment. These services don’t use SMS text messaging, and everyone has to a special app to use the service. Best of luck!

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