How to Repost on Instagram With Original Caption

How to Repost on Instagram With Original Caption

Sharing something with friends and family is one of the best aspects of social media today. That is especially true for Instagram, which is itself a social network for sharing photos and videos.

Usually does not provide you with several visible ways to repost or share from your feed. Here are two simplified ways to program something you see on Instagram if you still want to do that.

  • Take a screenshot from your smartphone and post it on Instagram
  • Repost photos using an app like Repost for Instagram.
How to Repost on Instagram With Original Caption
How to Repost on Instagram With Original Caption

How to Repost on Instagram With Original Caption

1. How to repost by a screenshot?

Press your volume and power buttons simultaneously (different buttons for different phones) after finding the post you want to re-share on Instagram. A picture of the post you like will be saved in your gallery when you click this button. Now all that’s left is to open Instagram through the app, crop the screenshot to your liking, add filters if you wish, and tag the original Instagrammer, so they get credit for their work. That’s it; your Instagram post has been shared.

Even though this manual process seems easy, it has certain potholes, including post-processing quality after cropping. You can also copy and paste the caption and hashtags from the original post or memorize them before posting. Videos can’t be reposted with this method.

Regramming is the second way to remove these potholes.

2. Repost using Apps

You can post to Instagram using Repost for Instagram – Regram, a free app. As a bonus, Instagram itself works with the app, so there’s no need to log in.

How to Repost on Instagram With Original Caption

Then follow these simple steps after finding a photo or video you like:

From the Instagram app, click the three dots in the top right corner of the post.
Select “Copy Share URL” (private accounts do not work).
When Regrann is activated, it will give you 4 options – to repost on Instagram, repost for later, share, and save.
Select Instagram as the reposting option, and you will be able to upload the photo.
When you press the long press, the photo credit, and original caption will appear in the caption (you can edit the caption if you like).
Just share the photo with your followers.

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To maintain a healthy environment, make sure the content is original and true. If you decide to edit it, first ask the user. Regram the posts you like on Instagram and share them.

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