How to Fix Amazon Error Code 5004

Here are the five answers for assist you with settling the Amazon Prime Video issue. In addition, you can utilize a free video fix instrument to fix ruined downloaded Amazon Prime recordings.

How to Fix Amazon Error Code 5004

What Are the Causes of Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004

A few variables can cause the blunder code, and understanding these elements decides the sort of answer for proffer in handling the issue. Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004 is brought about by the given features underneath:

  • Old web association
  • Presence of PC or organization firewall or the Use of intermediary/VPN
  • Antivirus and other safeguarding programming
  • Blemished treats and stored information
  • Obsolete application
  • Amazon Prime Video application bug issue.

How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004

The following are five powerful ways you can take to settle the Amazon mistake code 5004. Attempt from the top until you fix the issue.

Fix 1. Guarantee You Have a Stable Connection

A critical reason for the Amazon Prime mistake 5004 is a questionable web association. An unsteady web association can bring about trouble while getting to the application server, which prompts mistake code 5004. Subsequently, guaranteeing that you have a steady web association is the main answer for consider. The following are a couple of advisers for really take a look at your web network.

Stage 1. Click Start on your PC landing page and select “Settings”.

Stage 2. Open the “Organization and Internet” segment and snap on “Wi-fi”.

Stage 3. Verify whether you can get to the web or not.

Stage 4. On the off chance that you can’t, switch now and again your association a couple of times or investigate by reaching your network access supplier.

Fix 2. Handicap VPN, Proxy, Firewall, and Antivirus Security Programs

Empowered VPN, Proxy, firewall, and other introduced antivirus security projects can influence the availability of your gadget organization. Intermediary and VPN scramble traffic which causes issues getting to the server while firewall and antivirus disturb and hinder network, coming about in bombed sign-in.

You can fix this issue by incapacitating and uninstalling these projects. Utilize the aide underneath to impair Proxy.

Stage 1. Open the beginning menu and snap “Settings”. Pick “Organization and Internet”.

Stage 2. Click on “Intermediary” at the base left corner.

Stage 3. Switch off “Naturally distinguish settings” in the programmed intermediary arrangement.

Stage 4. Incapacitate the “Utilization of an intermediary server” under manual intermediary arrangement. Then, at that point, restart the framework.

Fix 3. Re-Activate Your Amazon Prime Video Account

An inert record can bring about blunder code 5004, and since you need to buy in for Amazon Prime Video, it’s critical to guarantee that your record is dynamic. To re-initiate your Video Prime record, utilize the aide beneath:

Stage 1. Go to the Amazon Prime Video Sign-in page.

Stage 2. Input your username and secret phrase.

Stage 3. When you’ve effectively endorsed in, re-actuate your record.

Stage 4. Take a stab at spilling to check on the off chance that the issue is fixed.

Fix 4. Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies

Reserve and treats put away on your PC is one more justification behind the Amazon mistake code 5004. The Amazon Prime Video site gets impacted when the information is tainted, bringing about bombing sign-in.

You can fix the mistake code 5004 by clearing the reserve and treats, consequently eliminating the adulterated information, and empowering you to sign in rapidly. Clearing reserve and treats are finished with the given aide.

Stage 1. Click the three specks situated at the edge of your program.

Stage 2. Pick “More instruments” starting from the drop and select “Clear perusing information”.

Stage 3. Select the “Store” and “Treats” boxes and snap “Clear information”.

In the wake of clearing the store and treats, rerun the program to check whether the issue endures.

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Numerous clients have encountered issues where the video won’t play subsequent to downloading the recordings from Amazon Prime. Different reasons, for example, video defilement during change, infection pollution while downloading and transferring the recordings, or framework equipment disappointment could cause downloaded recordings not to play.

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