How To Check Internet Speed From Google Homepage In 5 Simple Steps?

Is your network access supplier (ISP) giving you the expressed information speed? Is your web association slow on occasion? In the event that you answered yes to the two inquiries, the best way to find out is to test your web speed. The Google landing page is a straightforward and fast method for checking your web speed.

Despite the fact that there are different sites and applications accessible to check your web speed, perhaps the easiest strategy is to go to Google’s landing page. Google collaborated with Measurement Lab (M-Lab) to make a five-step process for testing your web association speed.

How To Check Internet Speed From Google Homepage In 5 Simple Steps?

“To finish the test, you will be connected to Measurement Lab (M-Lab), and your IP address will be imparted to them and handled by their security strategies.” M-Lab leads the test and makes the outcomes accessible to people in general to animate Internet research. “Your IP address and experimental outcomes are remembered for the distributed material, however no other data about you as an Internet client is incorporated,” Google expressed.

Five Steps To Test Your Internet Speed From The Google Homepage

Step 1: Open any web program on your PC, cell phone, or tablet and type

Step 2: In the inquiry bar, type ‘Run Speed Test.’

Step 3: another exchange box will show, with the ‘Web speed test’ choice. “Check your Internet speed in under 30 seconds”. An assertion from the discourse box said, “The speed test regularly moves under 40 MB of information, however may move more information on quick associations.”

Step 4: In the window, click the ‘Run Speed Test’ choice.

Step 5: another window will open, showing all of the data in regards to your web speed. Assuming you wish to test your web speed once more, click the ‘test once more’ choice.

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Web Speed Test

In the meantime, as per US-based broadband speed analyzer Ookla, Internet speeds in India are proceeding to improve, with the nation putting 70th (+3) and 122nd (+6) in the overall web speed rankings in light of fixed broadband and versatile download speeds in June of last year, separately.

India did well in fixed broadband web speeds too, with a normal download speed of 58.17Mbps in June of last year, up from 55.65Mbps in May. After a minor fall in May, absolute fixed download speeds for India on the Global Index were at their best in June, as per the report.

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