George Farmer Net Worth – How Much is he Worth?

George Farmer Net Worth - How Much is he Worth?

In this article, we are going to talk about the CEO of Parler, George Farmer Net Worth, and the current Kanye West Buying Parler Controversy.

Earlier this week, Parler CEO Geroge Farmer broke his silence following the news that Ye West plans to buy the site. Geroge is a major part of Parler, but he also runs other businesses that will increase George Farmer Net Worth in 2022.

As of October 17, it was officially announced that Parler had been sold to Ye. This comes after social media sites like Twitter and Instagram barred the musician.

As the current CEO, Farmer also commented on the matter.

Who Is George Farmer?

George Farmer
George Farmer

As CEO of Parler, Farmer holds a theology degree from Oxford University. He previously served as chairman of Turning Point UK, according to the Sun.

The Bullingdon Club also counts Farmer among its members. He was one of its youngest members in 2016 and served as a member of the Leaders Group from 2008 to 2010.


What Is George Farmer Net Worth?

George Farmer Net Worth
George Farmer Net Worth

It is believed he has a net worth of $180 million. He was named Parler’s CEO in 2018, and since then, he has had a significant role in developing the brand’s growth strategy.

Growing up, Farmer’s father, Michael Farmer, Baron Farmer, was a member of the British House of Lords. Farmer is a British businessman and former treasurer of the Conservative Party.

Over the years, Farmer has assisted his father with various projects while advancing his career.

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Ye West Is Set to Buy Parler

Ye West Is Set to Buy Parler
Ye West Is Set to Buy Parler

A PR statement from the rapper said: “Despite conservative beliefs being seen as provocative in society, we must ensure that we are free to express ourselves.” Although the agreement has not yet been formally signed, it is almost complete.

According to Farmer, this agreement will have an impact on the world and the way the world views freedom of expression. Ye will create new ground in the field of free speech media and will no longer face social media bans.

Ye West has once again proven his superiority against the narrative of the legacy media. Parlement is honored to be able to support him in his endeavors.

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