Download The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM Online

Download The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

This article covers all the information about Candace Owens’ most awaited documentary, Download The Greatest Lie Ever Sold. It has also covered how to watch The Greatest Lie Ever Sold Documentary online and more. If you are interested in learning more, read on. 

Download The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM Online 

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During the summer of global riots, the media created a narrative that led to the rise of Black Lives Matter and the use of the turmoil to raise 90 million dollars after the death of George Floyd. “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold” illustrates this.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, white cop Derek Chauvin killed George, a black man. The incident was strongly criticized and protested against violence against black people. Candace Owens also portrayed how the money was spent, where it went, and where it didn’t go.

How To download Candace Owens’ New Documentary, ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

Download The Greatest Lie Ever Sold
Download The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

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As a popular host of a Daily Wire news channel, Candace Owens recently released the trailer for the highly anticipated documentary “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold.” The documentary was streamed on Daily Wire Wednesday, 12th October, at 7:00 p.m. (Central Time) for Daily Wire members.

“Riots, violence, and biblical heresy are at the heart of the George Floyd story,” “Candace” host says in the documentary. You look around and see what is left — a story that traveled worldwide. Do you see $90 million invested in this community? Where did that money go?”

Kanye “Ye” West, a billionaire rapper, songwriter, record producer, and fashion designer, responded to the documentary “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold.”.

A short clip of Candace Owens’ documentary “Greatest Lie Ever Sold” has been featured on Kanye West’s Instagram page. He is one of the best musicians of the 21st century and has an Instagram following of 18.2 million. He captioned the post and compared Black Lives Matter to a scam. It was a message about what the documentary was going to reveal.

He said on his radio show last week that Black Lives Matter had been a scam, which is why Candace Owens released a brand new documentary about it. Ben Shapiro, Co-founder of Daily Wire, called the documentary “shocking and groundbreaking.” He had seen it. It was shocking and groundbreaking, and it was typical of Candace.

You can also watch it on YouTube; you can do so easily. Furthermore, if you join Daily News Wire, you will have access to Daily Wire.

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Watch The Greatest Lie Ever Sold Trailer

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold trailer has been released. You can watch it either on YouTube or on the Daily Wire website.

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About Candace Owens

Known as a pro-Trump activist and a member of the Republican party, Candace Amber Owens Farmer was born on 29th April 1989 as a conservative influencer, author, talk show host, political commentator, and activist. The Republican party has endorsed her as a member, and she strongly opposes Black Lives Matter.

Download The Greatest Lie Ever Sold by Candace Owens
Download The Greatest Lie Ever Sold by Candace Owens

A social and decentralized movement, BLM (Black Lives Matter) is committed to addressing racism, discrimination, and racial inequality faced by black people. In response to the discharge of Trayvon Martin’s murderer in 2013, Black Lives Matter was formed. In the past, she worked for Turning Point USA as a spokeswoman.

Additionally, she founded Blexit, a campaign to get black voters to abandon the Democratic Party, and she is a business partner of the website Degree180. Also, Candace Owens hosted a show on PragerU’s YouTube channel titled The Candace Owens Show; however, she left PragerU in 2020 to host Candace, which aired on The Daily Wire. During the 2020 election, she announced that she would run for U.S. Senate or governorship positions.

In February 2021, Candace Owens tweeted that she was considering running for president in 2024 against a Democratic Party member, not a Republican. 

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