Dan Patrick Net Worth – How Much is He Worth?

Dan Patrick Net Worth - How Much is He Worth?

In this article, we are going to talk about Dan Patrick Net Worth and his early and personal life throughout the article. Let’s start with the most people asked a question about Dan Patrick Net Worth :

Dan Patrick Net Worth: How Much is Dan in 2022?

Dan Patrick Net Worth
Dan Patrick

Patrick, whose birth name is Dannie Scott Goeb, is an American radio talk show host, television broadcaster, and politician, currently serving as the 42nd lieutenant governor of Texas under Governor Greg Abbott since January 2015. According to the source, estimated Dan Patrick Net worth is 27$ Million.

Dan Patrick Salary

Approximately $7,200 a year is Patrick’s salary as lieutenant governor, as reported by the Texas Tribune.


Dan Patrick Biography and Career

In 2014, Dan Patrick was elected Lieutenant Governor of Texas and re-elected in 2018. Patrick is a leading advocate of conservative policies in Texas and the nation. Among other things, Patrick is leading the fight to secure the border, reduce property and business taxes, defend the Second Amendment, and address Texas’ infrastructure challenges to ensure our state continues to prosper economically.

As Lieutenant Governor, Patrick presided over the most conservative and productive sessions in Texas State Senate history. Under his leadership, the Senate passed legislation to dramatically increase border security support and lower the franchise tax by 25% on a path to eliminating it, focusing on strategies to keep Texas families and communities safe and the state economy strong.

Dan Partrick
Dan Partrick

In several legislative sessions, Lieutenant Governor Patrick has championed property tax relief and continued the education reforms he initiated as Chair of the Senate Education Committee, addressing the issues of failing schools and giving parents more choices. As a result of his faith-based collaboration across the state, hundreds of more families are volunteering to care for foster children.

His support for law enforcement is outspoken. He has initiated a program that ensures every officer on patrol in Texas is equipped with bulletproof vests that can withstand a high-caliber rifle shot, among other things. Supporting life and religious liberty is one of his most important values.

Formerly an elected member of the Texas Senate, he represented part of northwest Harris County and Houston. He is a successful businessman, former host, radio and television anchor, sportscaster, musician, author, and film producer.

Dan Patrick And His Wife Janetlea Patricia Rankin
Dan Patrick And His Wife Janetlea Patricia Rankin

Lieutenant Governor Patrick has also been involved in his community. His radio show has raised more than $16 million for children with disabilities. Besides writing the best-selling Christian book, “The Second Most Important Book You Will Ever Read,” he produced an award-winning Christian film, “The Heart of Texas.” He also helped establish the first seminary in Texas prisons to train long-serving inmates for ministry.

The Lieutenant Governor and his wife, Janetlea Patricia Rankin, a former schoolteacher, have been married for 47 years. They have two children, Shane Patrick and Ryan Patrick, and seven grandchildren.


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