Abraham Hamadeh Net Worth, Wiki, Religion, Wife, Parents

Abraham Hamadeh Net Worth, Wiki, Religion, Wife, Parents

In this article, will discuss Abraham Hamadeh Net Worth, Career, Biography, and Personal Life. Abraham Hamadeh is Running for Attorneys General in Arizona State in the upcoming midterm election on November 8.

Abe Hamadeh, aka Abraham Hamadeh, served as a United State Army intelligence officer and prosecutor for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. Hamadeh is running for Arizona Attorney General in the 2022 primary election.

Abraham Hamadeh Wiki and Biography

Republican Abe Hamadeh is running for election as Arizona’s Attorney General. However, Abraham is a member of the US Army Reserves. He recently returned from a 14-month deployment to Saudi Arabia as an intelligence officer. During Abraham’s tenure with the United States Army, he negotiated military sales and coordinated training for Saudi Arabia’s domestic security forces. 

Abraham Hamadeh Biography
Abraham Hamadeh for Attorneys General

In response to the 2019 Pensacola terrorist attacks, he implemented the nation’s first enhanced security vetting program. Saudi generals, colonels, and lieutenants colonels, as well as top government officials, were his direct counterparts.

Abraham has received several awards, including the Meritorious Service Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Gold German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge, and Overseas Service Ribbon.

Abraham is a Dean’s Council member of Arizona State University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. He was on the advisory board of the Center for Political Thought and Leadership at ASU, which established a curriculum honoring and studying the founding thinkers and documents of the country.

Formerly a Maricopa County Attorney’s Office prosecutor, Abraham has prosecuted criminals, upheld victims’ rights, and sought justice for the community in court. Arizona State University awarded Abraham his undergraduate degree in Political Science, and the University of Arizona College of Law awarded him Juris Doctor. The Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys’ Advisory Council awarded Abraham the Udall Fellowship enabling him to work for city, county, state, and federal prosecutors.

Abraham Hamadeh Net Worth 2022

Abraham Hamadeh net Worth
Abraham Hamadeh

We can calculate Abraham Hamadeh net worth based on his job as a prosecutor and officer in the Army.

Abe was a criminal prosecutor in the past, earning a base salary of $79,069 compared to the average salary of such prosecutors. According to the website, a criminal prosecutor in the US earns an average wage of $73,323, with a salary range between $15,291 and $401,278. The top 86 percent earn $401,278 on average annually as criminal prosecutors, earning $73,323 to $182,390.

As a prosecutor, Abe earned a lavish income in six figures; since we are just estimating, we’ll omit the lowest range and consider the figures in between.

Additionally, according to Glassdoor, US Army Military Intelligence officers earn an average salary of $44,814 annually, with bonuses and other compensation ranging from $26,146 to $116,469 annually.


The politician must have earned substantial income as a Captain of Intelligence in the US Army. If he combined his income from both professions, he must live a prosperous life.

Abraham Hamadeh Age – How Old is He?

Abraham Hamadeh Age
Abraham Hamadeh is 31 Years Old.

Abe Hamadeh was born on May 15, 1991. As of 2022, He is 31 Years old. At this age, he is a successful politician and Businessman.

Abraham Hamadeh Parents

As a child, Abe Hamadeh was raised in a mixed-faith family in Chicago. Susan Hamadeh, Abe’s mother, is from west Asia, and his father comes from Syria. He comes from a patrilineal Muslim family, but he also has Christian and Jewish relatives because of his parents’ interracial union. His father’s identity remains obscure.

As far as his parents and siblings are concerned, there is not much information about him. 


Abraham Hamadeh Religion and Ethnicity

Abraham Hamadeh Religion and Ethnicity
Abraham Hamadeh Religion and Ethnicity

People have been curious about him since he won the primary election, so many citizens have sought out information about him, including his religion. He grew up in a Muslim family. 

He is believed to be the son of two different races—his father, a Muslim from Lebanon, and his mother, a Druze from western Asia. 

The identity of Abe’s father is still a mystery, even though he belongs to a Muslim family. Abe has Jewish as well as Christian roots.

Abraham Hamadeh Wife

Abraham Hamadeh Wife

The 32-year-old politician does not seem to have a wife yet, but looking at his achievements, he appears to concentrate on his career right now, as per sources.

He could have been unable to find love or even get married due to his excessive schedule. But he’s still a possible bachelor. Everything will be revealed once he reaches his desired endeavors in his career.

Last Words

Abraham Hamadeh is running for Arizona Attorney General against Kris Mayes in the midterm election on November 8. Abe won the GOP primary and suddenly got popular on the internet. So, throughout the article, we covered Abraham Hamadeh Net Worth, Religion, Parents, and more. 

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