Original Artwork From The Comic

Luckily for you, the art buyer, all line art on A Princess of Mars is completed on paper. Generally, each week of the comic is a part of a larger 11×17 bristol board composition that houses multiple (usually two) weeks of comic art.

As pages have become completely viewable online we’ll be making the art available for sale here, as well as announcing it on the main comic page and elsewhere.

Currently Available Art

Original Art, Comics 5 and 6

Original Art, Comics 7 and 8

Original Art, Comics 1 and 2

Original Art, Comics 3 and 4

Original Art, Intro Page & Print

Purchasing details may be gotten through Wednesday’s Heroes here.

Prints and Printed Material

Prints and printed material may be purchased here.  Current highlights include:

On The Arizona Hills Ltd Ed Print

On The Arizona Hills Ltd Ed 11x17 Print

On The Arizona HillsPrint

On The Arizona Hills 11x17 Print


Prints will be made available on a case-by-case basis. If there are any pages or promotional art the reader feels would make a lovely print please let Richard know!  I’m betting print sales will start happening when a certain Miss Thoris finally makes her appearance. But I’m a cynic. :)

There will probably be things like sketchbooks available in the future as well.  Hopefully collected editions too, but we’ll all just have to wait and see!


Coming soon!

Buy or Commission Art From Richard

Richard is currently represented by Wednesday’s Heroes.  You may browse currently available pieces, or commission something new and unique for yourself via their web site.

Buy or Commission Art From Thomas

Coming Soon!