I’m covering two different passages in the book here, one being

At the time, this ceremony and the words they uttered meant nothing to me.

and the other

 What struck me as most remarkable about this assemblage and the hall in which they were congregated was the fact that the creatures were entirely out of proportion to the desks, chairs, and other furnishings; these being of a size adapted to human beings such as I, whereas the great bulks of the Martians could scarcely have squeezed into the chairs, nor was there room beneath the desks for their long legs

I’ve chosen a starkly lit, moodier hall throughout which the hundreds (seriously) of tharks slink and bob and move, as opposed to the brighter, well lit area described in the novel (though still the same gilt marble architecture). It just gives a greater sense of mystery, suspense, and foreboding, and to me is another example of the differences between comics and novels. And perhaps my own artistic inclinations as the pages of darkness contrast well with the vividly lit outdoors on Barsoom I’ve shown.

Of course, the problem that arises is how to go about showing all of those chairs and tables, and this was my solution. Combining these two passages in the comic, showing Carter notice the broken chair, and how wee it is under the thark, as his attention is drawn to it and away from the conversation he can’t understand to begin with.

As a side note, you can see I’m repeating the last panel of the previous comic. You can see it’s original (relative) size as opposed to how it ended up.

I’m also now about 15 paragraphs into a 28 paragraph chapter, so there’s progress for you. :)