March 2017 A Princess of Mars!
I had to do some reformatting on this one for the web, as that second panel is, in actuality, about 1/2 the width and 2/3 the height of the top panel.  The original plan was to have the top panel as a single tier and 2 smaller ones at the bottom.  Life intervened, and as it’s important to me to maintain my schedule, I dropped the last panel (until next time!).

And those jewel-encrusted straps of leather are all in Lorquas’ character description in the novel.  I’m not sure what Burroughs was going for with him. Perhaps some broad stroke of a native chief?  I’m more going for flamboyant warrior.  And a hulking brute.  All of these panels with him (and coming up) emphasize his size. He leers over people, his cloak envelopes and crowds them.  He’s basically toxic masculinity as I interpret him and his movements.

Also, I kinda hope that Tarkas holding Carter’s head bowed down is at least slightly humorous. :)