It’s up to you!

I’ve started up a Patreon Account, with the goal to being to have a financially sustainable method for creating fun comics, and offer some great, fair rewards to people along the way. So if you’re someone who’s enjoyed my A PRINCESS OF MARS comic (which will return if this is successful) and would like to see something new and creator-owned (HIGHJUMP) this is for you. But the Patreon page will go into detail about all of that.

YOu’ll see checking out the Patreon that it’s very A PRINCESS OF MARS heavy.  This will enable me, if successful, to back off my current non-comics workload in favor of A PRINCESS OF MARS and, if lucky, start up my own, creator owned comic at the same time.

You’ll get in-process snippets of art,see comics and pages in-progress, and more. There will be early announcements of projects which I’ll be involved with, and sneak previews of pieces that I can’s share publicly, aand many reward options for people kind enough to help in this adventure.

Please check it out!