Well, since it’s been like a bloody month since the last comic, I thought I would explain what’s been up.  Especially since I’ve gotten 2 snarky comments lately that people’s free entertainment has been late.  This was going to be long and detailed, but I figured, meh. let’s just sum it all up.

The holidays themselves didn’t really affect things much, which might have been everyone’s first guess.  Instead, there were 2 illnesses, which affected my deadlines a goodly bit. As I’ve said before, my deadlines come first — they pay the bills that let me keep APoM free — so I’ve been trying to catch up there.

The good news is that I think I’m getting back on track, and have even gotten much of the last comics of Chapter 1 thumbnailed. The next comic is completely laid out. So my hope is that by next week we’ll be good to go!