I can’t believe I’ve neglected mentioning this, but Tom Boatwright (my esteemed colorist) is the primary artist on the most recent Paul Allor comic, Orc Girl.

Orc Girl is a fantasy coming-of-age story… with orcs. Writer Gail Simone called it “one of the best comics I’ve read in ages” and “Funny, charming, bittersweet and moving…Absolutely lovely in story and art.”

This 48-page one-shot includes a 22-page story from writer Paul Allor and Tom, as well as four back-up stories with art from Boatwright, Ben Dewey, Jesse Hamm and Koong Koong.

You should really check it out.  It’s available in hard copy and digitally.

Don’t take my word for it? Here’s a preview, an interview, and a review. That’s a lot of positive views.