And after skip week, we’re back!  Thanks for hanging around, and coming back. I hope you all enjoyed Dejah Thoris week.

I think I nailed a good feeling of movement between the panels here, and did a pretty decent job of getting across a feeling of exertion on the part of John Carter.

As usual, Tom blows me away with his coloring.  The embers of the fire flying about, and the reflections of the flame really let you feel the heat, and the nearness of the light source.

Holiday Print

Guess what? I’m doing a holiday-themed pin-up print this year! Keen! The print presale is now live and ready to take your orders! The image to left is of the final print artwork, fonts, etc., so what you see should be what you get! I plan on running the presale for a week.

The print is going to be approximately 8.5 x 11, full color, and printed on 80# cardstock. The quantity of preorders will be the major contributing factor in determining the actual print run of the piece, so I encourage you to go ahead and reserve your print ahead of time! I hope to do more prints like this one in the future, but that will of course depend on the response to this initial offering.

Each print will be signed and numbered.