Above are several lovely examples of Danielle’s Dejah Thoris work from the Warlord of Mars trading card set, beautifully rendered on cardstock that’s only about 2.5 inches across. My personal favorite is the one on the top right. I love that hair!

Danielle "Soloud" Gransaull

Danielle is a Florida-based cartoonist and illustrator that loves comics and animation.  She has a sharp eye for the cute, especially when it comes to drawing demons and zombies.

You can read her blog, check out her DeviantArt account, or follow her on Facebook.  While you’re at it, browse her online store and see what strikes your fancy.

During Dejah Thoris week, I’ll be presenting work by amazing artists, women offering their interpretation of the title character of A Princess of Mars. I expect to spotlight a different artist every day this week. Please support them by visiting their web sites and buying their awesome stuff. They deserve it.