The above is a beautiful 11×17″ print on heavy matte paper by the amazing “FoxyArt” Kristin Allen. It comes signed, and should be purchased here. There’s a lot about the way Kristin renders the human form that I’ve always been astounded by. Hair, eyes, use of curves, and overall composition are invariably amazing. Her sculpting of form through color is unique.

Kristin Allen

Kristin is a pin-up and sketch card artist specializing in comic book babes and pin-up girls. She has done work for a variety of companies including Rittenhouse Archives (various Marvel Comics properties), Versicolor Productions (Bettie Page: The Private Collection), (FemForce), 5Finity Productions (Hack/Slash, Lady Death, Grimm Fairy Tales), Cult-Stuff (Monsters, Zombies and Freaks), The Sketch Card Studio (Dynamo 5), Upper Deck Entertainment (Marvel Masterpieces II, Marvel Masterpieces III) and Inkworks (Aliens vs Predator: Requiem).

Her published comic work includes Hack/Slash #9 and Lady Death All Stars #1.

She has also worked with creating their Fangirl of the Month mascot Paige O. Pannell.  Kristin has made appearances in Jim Balent’s Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose (issue #47) and in Daniel Campos’ art book Mini Muses.

You should take the time to visit Kristin’s web site, follow her Facebook fan page, and buy awesome pinups in her online store.

During Dejah Thoris week, I’ll be presenting work by amazing artists, women offering their interpretation of the title character of A Princess of Mars. I expect to spotlight a different artist every day this week. Please support them by visiting their web sites and buying their awesome stuff. They deserve it.