Above are but two examples of Rhiannon’s Dejah Thoris work from the Warlord of Mars trading card set, beautifully rendered on cardstock that’s only about 2.5 inches across.

Rhiannon Owens

One of the most highly sought-after illustrators of sketch cards, Rhi is an independent contractor, freelancer, daydreamer, and space cadet who began her career by being invited to draw professionally for Rittenhouse Archives. Topps scooped her up next, and the companies kept coming to her. In the summer of 2011 she quit her day jobs in order to accommodate a demanding art schedule, which now includes work for over 14 companies.

Rhiannon now attend conventions regularly around the country (mostly up and down the East Coast). Her work has been seen in print, on boxes and in advertisements.  She has a pin-up in a coffee table book, and a limited edition Lady Death comic.

Rhiannon is currently running a Kickstarter campaign that has more than doubled its funding goal, and is something you should really check out.  You can also find her on the Internet at DeviantArt and on her popular Facebook fan page.

During Dejah Thoris week, I’ll be presenting work by amazing artists, women offering their interpretation of the title character of A Princess of Mars. I expect to spotlight a different artist every day this week. Please support them by visiting their web sites and buying their awesome stuff. They deserve it.