Oh look, the return of sound effects! My inspiration has been, to an extent, Akira Kurosawa’s RAN, one of my favorite films.  There’s a massive battle scene, wherein all of the sounds of combat – the screams, the anguish, everything, has been removed.  All you get is this haunting, haunting soundtrack by Tôru Takemitsu. Then suddenly, with the crackle of a rifle, you’re yanked back into the middle of  horrible warfare. It’s brilliant filmmaking.

Of course, I’m not sure how well the idea translates into comics, especially when spaced out over weeks, but it’s been a fun experiment.  Telling the story solely through the images.  So many comics use captions and dialogue to repeat EXACTLY what you’re seeing in the art. It’s weird, really.

I’m also trying to use the SFX to move your eye across and down the panels. Thus, while text can often be repetitive and redundant, it can also be integrated into the art, and thus serve multiple roles in the final piece. Hope that works out.

The transcript is a bump-up from later in the text. I wanted the Apache ready and fighting back earlier. Finally, I’d just like mention Blambot, from where I’ve gotten most every font I’ve used in the comic thus far.