Or a demon from hell.

My original intent was to make this WAY more Frazettaesque, but the time constraints of a weekly comic forced me to simplify this splash page a goodly bit.  Still, I believe it packs a punch, and is impactful. And to be honest, I enjoy the more sparse approach. I think I learn more working with angles, shadows, and simplicity as opposed to hyperdetail.  Gives it more emotion and energy too, I think.

A Facebook Contest!

Original art, approximately 7x10 on 11x17 bristol board

Want to own the original art?  Awesome! Here’s the deal.

If at least 5 people SHARE this week’s comic on Facebook within the first week of its posting I’ll put each of their names into a drawing, with the winner getting the original art, pictured to left. The pen & ink artwork is approximately 7×10 inches on 11×17 blue lined bristol board, and is completed in COPIC multiliners and #100 Black COPIC marker. I’ve not signed it, so if you’d like it personalized in some way, I think I can handle that. :)

My Facebook page which should have the link to the comic you’ll want to share, is here.

I hope to also do contests for Twitter and Deviant Art in the future, as well as of course a few for the site itself, but it’ll all kind of depend on how this one plays out.

Good luck!